Water Spaniel
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American Water Spaniel Temperament and Lifespan

It is a relatively young breed, bred in 1920 in North America by crossing several species of water spaniels (with Irish Water Spaniel), and "diluted" with English curly retriever (where Water Spaniels also took part) - that's how it's complicated and confusing in this mysterious dog world. After 20 years the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club. American Water Spaniel is also often called Boykin Spaniel in honor of its most distinguished creator Whit Boykin (look Jack Russell Terrier For Sale).

This dog is a symbol of the US state of Wisconsin as a sign that this is the first bred in the US universal hunting breed. Outside their homeland American Water Spaniel started spreading recently.

Boykin Spaniel is primarily known as a "water" hunter: it is an excellent swimmer, quickly rushes into the water for a wounded prey (or throws it on dry land) and quickly brings it to the owner, and not even hurts it. Usually, it works just 5-6 birds, obtaining them in turn. By the way, in the water the tail of Boykin serves it a remarkable driving. Also this curly dog is able to hunt on land for a bird (duck, pheasant, partridge) as well as the small game - a squirrel or rabbit.

The lifespan of the dog is about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a American Water Spaniel Cost and Price Range

The price range is about $600 -$1000. You can find the lower or the higher price depending on the dog quality: the breed and the show quality dogs will cost more compared to the ordinary pet quality animal.

American Water Spaniel Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

This breed looks beautiful thanks to its dark brown or chocolate curls, expressive eyes, the color of which is always the same as the color of wool, and elegant hanging ears. Spaniel looks stylish and noble. This medium sized dog has the robust build, its height at withers is from 38 to 46 cm and the weight is 14 to 20 kg. Coat of the little dog can be of various degree of curliness - from slightly wavy to very curly wool. It serves no decorative function, but first and foremost protecting function as it saves it from the weather, water and possible "battle" injuries.

American Water Spaniel Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

This dog has the dual nature: at home it behaves calmly and quietly, and during hunting it is too excited from the chase. Providing high-quality training, the American Spaniel will be nice to children and pets, with whom it has grown up. It always aims to please its master and subtly responds to his mood and tone of the treatment: refrain from rudeness in dealing with this pet. For the formation of the "home" character it is necessary to provide the dog with an early socialization and prevention of chasing small animals on the walk.

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