Water Spaniel
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American Water Spaniel Temperament and Lifespan

It is a relatively young breed, bred in 1920 in North America by crossing several species of water spaniels (with Irish Water Spaniel), and "diluted" with English curly retriever (where Water Spaniels also took part) - that's how it's complicated and confusing in this mysterious dog world. After 20 years the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club. American Water Spaniel is also often called Boykin Spaniel in honor of its most distinguished creator Whit Boykin (look Jack Russell Terrier For Sale).

This dog is a symbol of the US state of Wisconsin as a sign that this is the first bred in the US universal hunting breed. Outside their homeland American Water Spaniel started spreading recently.

Boykin Spaniel is primarily known as a "water" hunter: it is an excellent swimmer, quickly rushes into the water for a wounded prey (or throws it on dry land) and quickly brings it to the owner, and not even hurts it. Usually, it works just 5-6 birds, obtaining them in turn. By the way, in the water the tail of Boykin serves it a remarkable driving. Also this curly dog is able to hunt on land for a bird (duck, pheasant, partridge) as well as the small game - a squirrel or rabbit more...


Bearded Collie Temperament and Lifespan

Bearded Collie is considered to be one of the best "clowns" among dogs. It is always cheerful and emotional, playful and child-like shameless, with an incredible sense of humor and boundless energy. Alfred Ollivant called Bearded Collie "noble knight dressed in a dark gray, but somewhere twinkling in the moonlight; gentleman, reserved, as a prince, flexible, like a gypsy, graceful as a girl, regal bearing his head high and move easily as a fairy. " Bearded Collie has a surprisingly gentle, friendly and welcoming nature - Coton de Tulear Puppies!

This is a true friend who will always be with you. For people living in the countryside, the bearded collie is the ideal companion. This pet is very smart and can easily learn anything during the short term. The dogs of this breed live about 14-15 years more...


Manchester Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

Terriers differ with the cheerful disposition, they are restless, friendly and sociable. Terriers are wary to strangers, but never show aggression. Terriers are very mobile, they love to play, and therefore they are willingly engaged in various kinds of dog sports. These dogs are trained to quickly grasp everything on the fly. In addition, they have a priceless property that innate tendency to discipline (bpghmag.com/papillon-dogs-puppies-for-sale-near-me.html).

Manchester Terriers are ideal for keeping in a city apartment or a country house. They quickly adapt to any conditions. Terriers get along very well with other dogs. However, the number of rodent pets for obvious reasons should be excluded. The dogs get along great with children, and therefore suitable for larger families. But they tend to choose their one master and take separation hard. The average lifespan of this dog breed is from 14 to 16 years more...

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